Sunday, October 23, 2011

24 piece brush set from Ebay

So I ordered this set a while back on Ebay from the seller Tomtop Auction. I've ordered a few other things from this seller, they are based out of China so shipping to Canada 'can' take a very long time.  As in my case, it took a month to get here but the seller kept in communication and tracked my package for me...turns out it had been stuck at customs for 12 days:P

Anyways....onto the review.  I paid a whopping $11.93 CAD with free shipping, for 24 makeup brushes you can't go wrong.  I'd pay that, just for the brush roll.  I was really looking forward to the face brushes, since the ones I currently own are either too soft or too scratchy....and yes there is such a thing as too soft.

First thing I noticed was the horrible chemical plastic smell coming from the brushes.  I have yet to wash them so I don't know whether that will go away or not.  The brushes are also very light which makes them feel strange in my hands, I dunno...maybe its just me but I like a little weight to my brushes. The brushes were listed as being goats hair and perhaps some of them are, but the little fan brush and most of the lip and eyeliner brushes are all the shiny synthetic type material.

Overall I was not a fan of how hard and scratchy ALL of the face brushes were...minus the foundation brush which is also synthetic.  I don't think I will be using them on my face at all.  The eye brushes on the other hand are pretty good, especially the angled brow and eyeliner brushes. I'm also loving the variety in sizes and shapes of eyeshadow brushes...I'm definitely going to have a lot of fun with that:)

The next brush set I will be trying will either be the Elf cosmetics studio line, or the Sigma Complete kit. 

  • The price...soooooo cheap, and I mean if the brushes are crap you still got the brush roll.
  • The Eye brushes are pretty decent and they offer quite a variety.
  • The face brushes are just horrible.
  • Most of the face brushes have fallout.
  • The smell
  • How long it took to ship....a month is a bit excessive.
Onto the next and hopefully better set of makeup brushes:)  I won't be purchasing makeup brush sets off Ebay again.


  1. I hear the Sigma kit is fantastic! I am hoping to try it this holiday season. Fabulous blog!

  2. Thanks so much, this is my first attempt at blogging so kind words are nice to hear:)

  3. I have the same brush set, and think the same as you. Although it's a useful thing to have as for carrying around and such, if you're staying at home.... I would definitely go out and pay the extra money for a decent brush set. Also, the thing with ordering brush sets online is kinda shifty, with the whole not being able to feel the brush and "get to know" it before you actually spend the money. Anyways, useful and good to have, but overall if you're going to get a brush set, get a good one!

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