Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh how I've changed

I thought I do a more personal blogpost tonight.  I love seeing pictures of other bloggers throughout the years...seeing how much a person can change.  I know I don't have nearly enough pictures to show all my changes through the  I seriously went through a goth stage, but I have no pictures:(

As you can see I wasn't the cutest kid...I had a huge mouth and big red lips.  In grade 5 I thought it would be a good idea to cut all my hair off, EVERYONE thought I was a boy.  It was horrible lol...girls in my class had crushes on me till they realized I was a girl...never again I swore...would I ever cut ALL my hair off.

Ah highschool, I'm about 16 here...I went to the tanning beds everyday...horrid I know.  I worked out like crazy and I dyed my hair blond.  I wore tons of bronzer and barely any other makeup.  I was really trying to fit in and failing horribly.  Highschool wasn't my greatest moment, I got bullied a lot.  Girls would call me horrible names and throw things in the cafeteria.

At 18 I went through a bit of a punk phase. I listened to skater music and pretended to skate...I also took up the bass guitar.  My makeup consisted of heavy eyeliner a la Avril Lavigne...and I thought it was cool to wear a bra strap around my neck.

I dyed my hair black when I met my hubby.  We moved in together after two weeks he proposed at 6 months, and we were pregnant within the year.  I gained a ton of weight in the beginning of my first pregnancy...there came a point where DDD bras were not fitting:(  I didn't really care so much for makeup back then, brown and gold eyeshadows and bronzer.

After having my daughter I thought I would try to look more like a mum.  I cut my hair once again the angled bob that everyone was doing, and didn't dye it.  This is my natural hair color:)  I wore pretty simple makeup just eyeliner and blush.  I loved my hair this way but my hubby hated

And here I am pregnant with my son, thats my mum and my brother in the background.  With my son I didn't gain any weight but in my stomach...look at that thing its like a beach ball.  My hair was still short and simple, so much easier to do in the mornings.  I wore my regular jeans my entire pregnancy but just didn't button the top button...haha.

After my son was born I let my hair grow, I missed long hair.  And dyed it dark brown.  I just had to add this picture in here.  These are 2 of my sisters I have 6, but this is totally our personalties...haha its very hard for me to be serious in a picture.

This summer, I did my first ever 'bikini photoshoot' 25 after 2 kids.  I was pretty terrified, especially since the lovely model with me is a pro cheerleader/ballerina and 19....:P  She is probably one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in real life.  This is pretty close to what I look like today, minus the tan...I am white as a ghost come September.  In the 2 years since my son was born my hair has gone from my jaw to near my belly button.  I am very lucky it grows so fast.

So there you have it...I wish I had more interesting pictures, but in the last 2 years I haven't changed all that much.  I've definitely gotten better with eyebrows no longer look like I colored them in with a sharpie and I finally gave up the winged liquid eyeliner.  I'd love to see pictures of you guys when you were younger:) XOXO Charis

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ebay Favorites #2

Every thursday I have decided I will post my Ebay Favorites from the week, some great deals I've found online:)  Here's this weeks top picks.  If there is something you guys would like me to find please comment below and I'll do my best to include in next weeks picks:)

Monday, November 7, 2011


Thought I'd share a little FOTD I did last week, using my new Nyx items I got from Cheryl's Beauty Blog sale.

This is pretty similar to my everday look, as far as the color palette, but was much simpler and quicker to do:)  I did a strong eye, so I downplayed the blush and lips.  As usual I am wearing Revlon PhotoReady foundation in Shell...applied with the foundation brush I got in my Ebay 24 piece brush set.

For the eyes I started with the Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Dark Brown all over the lid and blended it out using a synthetic brush (another from the Ebay set).  Next, I patted on some of the Brown nyx pigment powder, which set the pencil.  I lined my upper lid with a black gel liner and my waterline with a black kohl eyeliner.  Using a q-tip I blended some of the brown shadow under my eyes.  Two coats of mascara a dusting of blush, chapstick and I'm out the door:)

Products Used:


Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Shell
Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer Light
Rimmel Stay Matte powder Transparent


Nyx jumbo pencil Dark Brown
Nyx brown pigment
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips gel eyeliner Black
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner Black


Nars Orgasm


Burts Bees Chapstick

Hope you guys like this simple look, I love when makeup is easy:) XOXO Charis

Saturday, November 5, 2011

OOTD Fade to black

Sunglasses gifted from my sis
Jacket Joe Fresh
Necklace thrifted
Sweater thrifted
Zara pants thrifted
Ardene's boots

My first attempt at an OOTD....I promise they will get better.  Once I get my new camera, and I teach my hubby how to take a picture of a  I told him what I wanted pictures of and he literally snapped  3 quick pics...and handed me back the camera...I wasn't even ready for the first one:P

It was an incredibly beautiful day, here on the West Coast of Canada...around 8 celsius or 46 fahrenheit...depending on where your from.  That is warm where I least warm for fall, so I wasn't bundled up in my parka and scarf.

It has come to my attention that most of my closet is filled with black  Probably not a good thing since my hair is black most of the time and I am pale as a ghost come September, I need to get into some colors.  I like to mix textures and I'm loving gold right now, though it probably doesn't work well with my skintone.  Normally I'd wear a plain outfit like this with a bright lip, but today I stuck with the old brownish standby.

The best part about this outfit most of it was from the thriftstore...:)  Anyways hope you like it, and if you have any advice on how to make an average point and shoot take better pictures...PLEASE...please...let me know:) XOXO Charis

Friday, November 4, 2011

How to Shop at a Thrift Store

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile, pretty much since I started this blog.  I'm the kind of girl who loves finding a good deal, which is why I scour Ebay and search for online coupon codes all the time.  In my area there is only one mall with a few basic stores in it, so I do most of my clothes and shoes shopping either online or at thrift stores.  I've developed quite a knack for it, and thought I'd share my tips with you guys:)

First off scout out your area, you can search online to find thrift and consignment stores.  There are a few thrift store chains in Canada such as Value Village, LW (not really a thrift store, but they do carry clothing at discounted prices), MCC, Bibles for Missions, and the Salvation Army.  Then there are the consignment and vintage stores.

In my area my favorite is Bibles for Missions, since they don't have individual prices for similar items....all shirts are $3 all jackets are $5....etc. and they often have bag sales (fill a shopping bag for $5).  Thrift store shopping can be time consuming, it takes time to sift through all those clothes...I usually spend between 30 minutes to an hour.  You also want to dress comfortable, flat shoes and clothes that are easy to change in and out of.  Keep in mind that not all of these thrift stores have change rooms, so you may need to throw clothes on over top of what you are wearing.  Also be sure to grab a cart or basket if they are available...the last thing you want is to have 20 or so hangers digging into your wrist...I've done this

The first section I head to is the accessories: jewellery, purses, scarves, belts etc.  They sometimes keep some of the 'nicer' accessories and bags at the front under glass.  When you find something you like, you want to make sure that there are no rips or stains, and all zippers and buttons are functional.

Next I check out the blazers, coats, sweater, and blouse sections...since I live in Canada I am always looking for cute coats and blazers since well...its bloody cold here most of the  Make sure to check through all coats, blazers, shirts, sweaters....pretty much everything you'd wear on the top of your body.  I've found that there is a huge difference in sizes of clothes based on brand and how old they are.  To save time I don't look at the t-shirts and tanks sections because you can get a t-shirt and tank anywhere for cheap, at thrift stores I'm looking for original finds.

Lastly I head to the pants, jeans, and skirts sections.  I leave these sections for last because with bottoms you really need to find 'your' size, and you may need to try the items on.  The other day I found a pair of Zara skinny cargos with tags still on for $3.  In the jeans section I look for jeans I can cut to make cut-offs, like the old highwaisted levi's.  Lately I've been searching for pleated maxi skirts, suede and leather skirts. With items like these as long as the waist fits you can get them hemmed or tailored.

If I have time I check out the shoe section, but usually I am disappointed by the selection, so I don't make it a priority.  Before wearing any of the items I throw them in the laundry or dryclean, since many thrift stores do not clean items...better safe then sorry.

The best piece of advice I can tell you, is to keep an open mind.  Some things may look horrible on the rack but once you try them on you can see the potential....and inspiration.  I've been inspired by many items I've found at the thrift store and have built whole outfits around them.

I love reading thrift store hauls on other peoples blogs, so I thought I'd do my own:)  I hope it was helpful.  Feel free to check out my thrift store haul video I made last week:) XOXO Charis

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ebay Favorites

I shop on Ebay quite a bit, and over time I have found some amazing deals and convincing knock offs. I thought I'd share a few things that have been on my wishlist for some time, that I've found cheaper versions of.  The links under the pictures will take you to the Ebay page for that item:)

I've been lusting over the Alexander Wang Rocco bag for some time now, but I can't really justify spending a ridiculous amount on a purse, not on my  I'm thinking of making this Ebay post a weekly thing.  Let me know what you guys think, and I'd love to hear other deals you've found. XOXO Charis

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cheryl's Beauty Blog sale

One of my favorite bloggers, Cheryl recently had her first blog sale.  She still has some stuff for sale so check it out here Blog Sale. I purchased a few things from her I'd been dying to try...mainly Nyx products.  There is only one retailer in my area that sells Nyx products and the prices are ridiculous...probably because I know I can buy it cheaper on Ebay or CherryCulture etc.

My package arrived a couple days ago....yay...always a great day when I get something in the mail, other then bills:)  I thought I'd share a few pics of my small haul with you guys:)

Three Nyx pigments (sorry no names)
Elf cream blush in Flirt
Five Nyx jumbo eye pencils from left:
Black Bean
Horse Raddish
Strawberry Milk
Dark Brown

She also sent this John Frieda Sample...which was super sweet:)

This was my first time ever purchasing anything from a Blog Sale, and it was a great experience.  Super  fast shipping and even when I messed up my own address and had to email her the right one, she responded very quickly.  I'm definitely looking forward to any future sales she might have:)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween FOTD

Taken without flash

Halloween was a little hectic this year...between getting the kids ready and doing makeup for a bunch of other people I didn't really get to put a lot of  thought into my costume or makeup.  I was going to be Edward Scissorhands, but after realizing that I would not have enough time to do any extensive makeup I settled on a goth version of 'Little Red Riding Hood', after being inspired by Michelle Phan's tutorial.  Sorry for the pic quality, it was late and my camera really sucks...hoping I can get a better one soon.

For my costume I wore leather pants, a black flowy chiffon shirt (thrift store find) under a La Senza bustier, and a red circle scarf as a hood.  I also wore my clip on bangs as you can see, haven't cut them yet...but Facebook is telling me I  I could also pass as a character from 'Assassins Creed'...which I kinda love.

For makeup I used a lot of golds, pink and black...focusing most of the color on the outside corner and lower lashine.  I didn't pale out my face at all, but the eye makeup and cheek contouring definitely made me look paler, which worked well for the look.  Once again my 88 warm palette saved the day, can't wait to order the other ones:)

Products Used:


L'oreal Bare Naturale Mineral foundation Light Ivory
Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer Light
Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder Transparent


NYX jumbo pencil Strawberry Milk all over lid and on lower lashline
88 palette:
light matte brown in crease
black outer crease and bottom lashline
dark gold bottom lashline
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips brown gel liner
Revlon Colorstay black eyeliner on waterline


Joe Fresh cheek tint Cherry
88 palette:
light matte brown for contour


Joe Fresh lip stain Berry
Burt's Bees chapstick
Duwop Twilight lip venom

Hope you like it, kind of last minute, but I'm happy with the turn out. I'd love to see you guy's Halloween looks and costumes:) XOXO Charis


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