Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh how I've changed

I thought I do a more personal blogpost tonight.  I love seeing pictures of other bloggers throughout the years...seeing how much a person can change.  I know I don't have nearly enough pictures to show all my changes through the  I seriously went through a goth stage, but I have no pictures:(

As you can see I wasn't the cutest kid...I had a huge mouth and big red lips.  In grade 5 I thought it would be a good idea to cut all my hair off, EVERYONE thought I was a boy.  It was horrible lol...girls in my class had crushes on me till they realized I was a girl...never again I swore...would I ever cut ALL my hair off.

Ah highschool, I'm about 16 here...I went to the tanning beds everyday...horrid I know.  I worked out like crazy and I dyed my hair blond.  I wore tons of bronzer and barely any other makeup.  I was really trying to fit in and failing horribly.  Highschool wasn't my greatest moment, I got bullied a lot.  Girls would call me horrible names and throw things in the cafeteria.

At 18 I went through a bit of a punk phase. I listened to skater music and pretended to skate...I also took up the bass guitar.  My makeup consisted of heavy eyeliner a la Avril Lavigne...and I thought it was cool to wear a bra strap around my neck.

I dyed my hair black when I met my hubby.  We moved in together after two weeks he proposed at 6 months, and we were pregnant within the year.  I gained a ton of weight in the beginning of my first pregnancy...there came a point where DDD bras were not fitting:(  I didn't really care so much for makeup back then, brown and gold eyeshadows and bronzer.

After having my daughter I thought I would try to look more like a mum.  I cut my hair once again the angled bob that everyone was doing, and didn't dye it.  This is my natural hair color:)  I wore pretty simple makeup just eyeliner and blush.  I loved my hair this way but my hubby hated

And here I am pregnant with my son, thats my mum and my brother in the background.  With my son I didn't gain any weight but in my stomach...look at that thing its like a beach ball.  My hair was still short and simple, so much easier to do in the mornings.  I wore my regular jeans my entire pregnancy but just didn't button the top button...haha.

After my son was born I let my hair grow, I missed long hair.  And dyed it dark brown.  I just had to add this picture in here.  These are 2 of my sisters I have 6, but this is totally our personalties...haha its very hard for me to be serious in a picture.

This summer, I did my first ever 'bikini photoshoot' 25 after 2 kids.  I was pretty terrified, especially since the lovely model with me is a pro cheerleader/ballerina and 19....:P  She is probably one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in real life.  This is pretty close to what I look like today, minus the tan...I am white as a ghost come September.  In the 2 years since my son was born my hair has gone from my jaw to near my belly button.  I am very lucky it grows so fast.

So there you have it...I wish I had more interesting pictures, but in the last 2 years I haven't changed all that much.  I've definitely gotten better with eyebrows no longer look like I colored them in with a sharpie and I finally gave up the winged liquid eyeliner.  I'd love to see pictures of you guys when you were younger:) XOXO Charis


  1. This was so cute to read! You made an adorable toddler btw, love the red lips! lol You are stunning!

  2. Aw thanks so much, I had fun with this one.

  3. Charis, you are such a gorgeous woman!
    I love all the phases and I'm so sorry you were bullied. I lOVE your short bob hair. You look so sophisticated with it. I really liked reading this post.


  4. What a yummy mummy, you are absolutely beautiful, I hope I can look as good as you after I've had kids :] Beautiful blog, I'm following


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  7. Lovely photos!


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  10. wow you are so cute!

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