Friday, August 17, 2012

Its Been Awhile.

I haven't kept up with my blogging, and for that I'm sorry.
No real excuse... other than... life has gotten the best of me, and I'm generally a lazy procrastinating... cow. I prefer the first excuse... so lets stick with that one.

My interests tend to meander... and now with the makeup and modeling phase of my life... clearly behind me. I've found a new love. Ba... ba... ba (cue epic music)...


I've written short stories and poetry... pretty much since I first picked up a crayon... and realized I could make letters with it. (It was a blue crayon... if I remember correctly... not that, that matters).
Besides the grammar segment... high school English was a breeze. My reports, always leaned toward the more fanciful... moral story... approach. The way I saw it, if I were said teacher... I would get tired of reading... pubescent points of view on various life topics, such as describe how you would solve a moral dilemma... blah... blah... blah. I mean, how different could our points of view have been at sixteen. Our life experiences... (for most of us)... were minimal. We weren't robbing the seven eleven... or popping out babies yet. That stuff came later on, but I digress.
I always wrote a story instead of an essay. A story that tackled the topic... in a way that was relate-able, but still interesting. Even teachers get bored of teaching... so I thought I would give them a little break. Hence... the reason I always got an A.

Even earlier... around 12... I was obsessed with writing. Poems mainly. On love and other things, I knew nothing about. Here's one I wrote... around that time.

You said these things take time,
So I watched the pale yellow sun
that faded our painted flowers,
and burnished your skin golden,
warming you from the outside in.
I watched the rain, fall
on your wind-burned red cheeks,
like tears you'd never cry.
I watched the lines deepen and soften,
your once hard stolid face,
and I longed to trace your imperfections
with my finger, to capture them
in my waning memory.
I watched your eyes dull and tire,
and I wondered what you were thinking,
what mysteries existed still,
behind your closed windows.
I watched you live and die,
as we killed time.
But love took too long, and time killed us.

Mind the grammar. I'm still shit with that. I still use made up words... at least my spelling is not atrocious... and I generally use the right there, their... and they're.

ANYWAYS... I feel I have gotten way off track... and lost the point of this post, in all my literary ranting. Although, I do love makeup and clothing... as much as the next girl. It shall no longer take up main residence on my blog. This place will be a place... I post all my rants... and my writing progress. As of right now... (I am supposed to be)... working on TM. The manuscript... or the masterpiece... take it whatever way you will.

I am lucky that my wpm... is off the charts, now if only my brain could work as fast :P

xoxo, Charis (I only sign off like that... because of gossip girl... and Kristen Bell's cute voice... replays in my head... every time.)


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