Monday, October 24, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

I really wanted to do an ootd post, but unfortunately the weather was not working in my favor....this is what happens when you live in Canada.  So I thought I'd share with you some of my tried and true classics.

First off there is nothing like a classic dressy clutch.  This one is a Chanel replica, but it feels very high quality, the chain is heavier and hangs nicely and the bag is stitched very well.  And the best part about it is this was a thrift store find and I think I paid $20 for it.  I LOVE thrifting....there is nothing so satisfying as finding an amazing one of a kind piece and paying next to nothing for it.  Don't get me wrong I'm an avid online shopper, and I love Forever 21, H&M etc.  But there is something about the thrill of the hunt that I love....the idea that I may find something unique and  Working on a thrift store haul/how to, post/video.  I've got a whole method to this madness which I will explain in a future post:)

Next up is my favorite pair of heels.  These ones are from Aldo and I paid $30 including shipping from  This was a while back and I don't think they have this exact style anymore.  I wear these instead of nude pumps, these are my go to shoes...I've worn them on countless photoshoots because they just seem to go with everything.  Unfortunately they are a half size too small so wearing them for anything other than a photoshoot causes my feet EXTREME pain.  I find that shoes from Aldo tend to run a half size to a size smaller, and shoes from Forever 21 tend to run bigger.  I love the enclosed platform and the almond toe of these.  I'm obsessed with almond toe styles, I like that they are right in between round toe and pointy toe...both of which I feel appear either too childish or too extreme on my feet...just my opinion:P

Last, is my current favorite sunglasses.  These are the only wayfarer style sunglasses that look remotely decent on me, I'm kind of an aviators kinda girl.  But I do love to change it up, I love how thick and black they are, they really work well with gold chains and sweaters. Gives my look that perfect little bit of 80's style.  I got these ones for FREE (one of the best words in the English language:), from my sister.  In my family I'm usually the one who buys a bunch of things and gives half of it of the downfalls of shopping online, you can't try it on before you buy it:(  

I've got a ton of ideas for future blogposts, I'm hoping to post at least once a day...if my schedule isn't too hectic...ah the joys of two children:P  XOXO Charis:)

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